A New Dawn

Written by: Modupe Sefunmi

A new dawn it was for me,
but I knew not what awaits my soul.
I had dreams of many happy events,
of a bountiful year without pain.
in a twinkle of an eye,
my life almost flew away,
for I ran to the highway of death,
but my life was not received,
my precious life was given back to me.
            And now,
with that precious gift in my hand,
I stepped out with a strong resolve,
to live my life with care and love,
for I know not when the end shall come,
while I journey on to forever land.
as I journeyed through half of the year,
a new stage of my life began,
I started my first and major addiction,
to a soup full of delicacy.
My life has never been so beautiful,
with many great poets,
who give me tasty soup to drink from.
this soup is sweet and cool,
and open to all who need a scoop,
aged, adults and teenagers alike.
Here,race, age and creed have no restraint.
I have had a wonderful year so far,
with many soupers always on my mind.