Written by: Jack Ellison

Watch out kiddies
Here they come
If you don't like ghoulies
You'd better run

They're creeping out
From under the bed
From out of the closet
And under the spread

They're making these weird
And unearthly squeals
I'm not even sure
These ghoulies aren't real

Mom says they surely
Are all in my head
I can feel this bumping
Under my bed

Can't pull up the covers
They're under there too
I just saw one
Wearing my shoes

Shrieking and squealing
These scary sounds
I couldn't move
They're all around!

Then a strange little fellow
Wearing my shoes
Started dancing and singing
Bout stuff in the zoo

I started to giggle
At this comical sight
Forgot about how
I was rigid with fright

The song he was singing
Was a happy refrain
No longer frightened
Started giggling again

I enjoyed his antics
As he danced around
Swaying back and forth
With these cheerful sounds

A feeling of drowsiness
Crept over me soon
Could see out my window
The big yellow moon

My fears disappeared
And I drifted to sleep
As a bunch of ghoulies
Started tickling my feet

© Jack Ellison 2012