the last cry of the soul of a dying poet

Written by: Mpho Leteng

My heart is wrapped with codes of death;
future foreshadowed by doom and gloom,
i fade away like a lengthening shadow
but thou i die, this i've been graced with will die not,
poetry will die not.

i've lived that life blue around the gills;
to the brim my paths were filled with complete emptiness!
i've searched for myself around the cold bills,
but i found non of me...
except this peice of writing,
this poem "Waking Smiles"

if it was for a matter of choice
I could have choosen another life,
so as to live and die not;
so as to live and recite poems.

By the roadways i saw my death;
before he comes, take my word and find yourselves,
for once my dear friends get a little bit of me right;
i say thou i die, my joy is fullfilled
my poetry, my delight