Written by: nette onclaud

lunar festivals take me to primitive times when after bouquets and incense spray the air, a dance unknowing rigid choreography pulsates to inner throbs of my body soaking the nectar of soil beneath my feet, then to dive among flickers of heat, to drape a world circling far across stars without glass nor walls... till all but percussion tempos inhale the floats inside my lungs, my flesh. Arms open all cages of birds winging past trees, hips shedding butterfly threads floating on sounds of grass waves and stone kneads ... how wild, how tender and unrestrained my child’s spirit. Somewhere, Prapto whispers, “listen to heart’s movement; break your head”, till my whole body connects to the fragrance of my inner breath, spicy and pungent... like an odyssey of primitive spins known only by my soul willing for a movement... the invisible cloth of dance. -------- *Prapto is the proponent of free body movement, a distinguished guru from Java, Indonesia *Inner body movement-dance connects me with nature, life , and self... this i enjoy! In the Year 2012 Contest: Carol Brown by nette onclaud