Poetry and Song

Written by: kimberly andreasen

Please don’t get it twisted or take it wrong
I could be that one
You deserve that, you deserve me 
But you hold back your love from me
Even going as far as hurting me.
Pretending like you don’t care 	
But I can feel your love go through me
That intense passion, that we share when we touch
It’s called chemistry, not just a ****
You can front and deny me all you want.
But I’ll still be here waiting to love you
When it’s me that you want
Please don’t be scared of me
Our relationship is like air to me
I can’t breathe when away from you too long.
You move like music through me
Like when you hear your favorite song
You beating the congas, I’m singing along
I’m what you need and I got what you want.
I’ll put nothing and no one above you
Just trust me and let me love you
So lets not make this complicated
From the simplest of things, 
The best things begin, its called a blessing.
I’ll never disappoint you or leave you.
Unless you ask me too.
I just want to please you, I need you.
Just until I figure this out.
I know I’ll reach the sun 
before I ever reach your heart