Written by: Anya Chebukina

See the person in the mirror?
The one with the fizzy hair?
The one with the run down mascara?
The one you say is ugly?

See the girl in the mirror?
Wishing she was skinny?
Wishing she was pretty?
The one you say is not needed?

See the guy in the mirror?
The one who sees the wrong?
The one who thinks he's better off alone?
The one who wishes to die?

See the mirror on the wall?
The one who tells you everything you need to know?
The one that tells you things you shouldn't hear?
The one who lies everyone it can?

Your hair is pretty as it is
You tears are to precious to be cried without reason
Your beautiful in your own way

Your the perfect size of body
Your beautiful to the core
Although you say your not needed
Someone out there does

Your nothing like they say you are
Right right in your own way
Loneliness can kill a man, someone whats you as a friend
Don't wish to die, look at life
Its to beautiful to past her by

Mirror mirror on the wall
Tell now and tell the truth
To those who's faith you overthrew
Your just a mirror on my wall
You don't define who we are!