This Place

Written by: Lillie Williams

This Place
I often come to this place
I can leave my problem here
I can find the strength to carry
Me down the road of fear
I can find the comfort
That embraces me tight
A new window opens up
And I can see my life
When I visit this place I
Take my secret thoughts
I see every war, and
Every battle I fought
I am not afraid to lift my
Hands in this place
 I’m not ashamed; when
Tears run down my face
Here I feel safe, I feel
I can conquer the world
I feel that I am special
And I know I’m loved
I am surrounded by
People that care
This place is the church
And it forgiveness there
When I visit the church, its
Like a breath of fresh air
 I can confess my faults
In this little place through