It's Your Child

Written by: Lillie Williams

It’s Your Child
Hi mom, it’s your child
I call tonight to talk a while
I know it’s been a long time
Since you heard my voice
I always kept your photo
Close to my heart
I can’t explain to you
Why I never call
I just want to talk mom;
Really; that’s all
I want to share the moments
We had in the past
I didn’t tell you I love you
The time I saw you last
It’s your child mom
Calling you tonight
Can you give me a minute?
I want you in my life
Can’t you see I need you?
Because I am afraid
I’ve been missing you
For so many days
I know it’s my fault
I received all your letters
I thought not seeing each
Other, would be better
We had unkind words
That came between us
I cried the whole time I left,
As I sat there on the bus
Mom I miss you so very,
Very much
I can’t eat, I can’t sleep
Deep in my heart I hurt
It’s your child mom,
Your one and only girl
I need to see you mom
It’s lonely in this world
You remember how close,
We use to be friends?
You remember those talks
That would never end?
I miss those talks mom
I made a mistake
I wanted to hear your voice
I hope it’s not too late
Let me show you
That I love you
And I really do care
Say the word mom, and
You know I’ll be there
I am the reason, I
Know I am to blame
Give me another chance
I promise I will change
I can’t wait to see your
Precious sweet smile
I love you mom, and I
Will always be your child