Marijana's Journey

Written by: barbara dumbovic

 Marijana’s Journey  

She’s only twenty eight
Life threw her a challenge.
For physical she went
Everything is fine 
That what the doctor said. 

One morning as she dressed
For a moment she stopped
Too much pain
Felt in her breast.

Something comes over her mind
This can’t be happening 
I was just fine.

With one touch she found a lump
Chills were through her body and mind. 
It’s bigger than a dime.
Her life is put on hold
To get rid of that awful poison.
Her body holds.

Surgery went fine
Chemotherapy started soon 
Her hair fell out 
She was standing on the balcony
Looking at the moon. 

Her spirit is high
Thank God she is alive
In her eyes you can see the pain
What she is going through  
At her age.

Marijana is her name 
She’s beautiful 
Even without her hair.

I love her very much 
I pray to God 
To give her his touch
Hope his miracle comes upon her
And she lives long prosperous years.