A Butterflies Lifespan

Written by: Timothy Jacks

My times shorter than a Butterflies Lifespan
I sold them quarters at a time and I tried them
Chased them down with Vitamens
Never bowed down to an idol
Oh I don't forget on the coffee table is a Bible
Have you ever seen a demon the size of a Dinasaour
Well I cut em down when i slice the sword
Sleep with my Sheild of Faith on
When I'm angry hatas stay the F@#k out of my way
I'm ready to blow em up like Blum at the quarry
Don't you think i have been nice too
Well i will flip the switch if they entice me
And even though I don't like fighting i will at the drop of a hat
I'm begging for a mofo to knock some sense into me
A Seashell comes with these three
JMC, Well I'll take em to AMD
Give em some treatment they been needing
Oh wait this ain't the season
I perfer them to have bigger demons
Well I'll feed them like I feed the phienes then
To me it ain't nothing to my inconveience
Well I switch up, I'm endebted to her and I will pay it in flesh or blood
I'm bringing greenbacks back it don't matter
Theres a rock sitting here in my sling shot
And you know I ain;t ashamed to say Gods my rock 
NO! I'm not at all hesitating
My mind is strong, I'm pulling chrome
Coming home and coming
Dice these ho's up take em over the scales and sell em as shredder feed
Oh! these boys gonna feel the shrapnel coming from my Bombshell
I go behind enemy lines and i sneak up behind them
And i would love to go to war with him over here the forest is lovely
But now you see I'm being calm i'm controling my anger