What do you do

Written by: mandy cabral

What do you do when no one wants you around?
When you feel like your just a piece of dirt on the ground?
What do you do when you cry out to everyone for help,
but no one answers back.
When you feel so lonely you feel like your going too crack?
What do you do when no one answers your calls or crys?
When you keep reaching out buy nobody even says hi.
Holidays, Birthdays, and events fly bye without a single invite.
Not a single person ever asking if your alright.
No one knows while they are together having their family dinner 
your sitting home alone with a man that is far far from a winner.
What do you do when your trying to tell people you need them by your side
but they don't even care enough to offer you a ride
What do you do when you don't even have hardly enough food to make it until the end of the week?
The get up in go in you is just too weak.
What do you do?
What do you do?
Well just do like I do and let out a good cry. 
Wash your hands of those that won't help 
and say bye bye...