Written by: Susan Burd

If I lived to be 101,
Could I still be able have some fun?
Or would I feel too old to play,
Just like a kid for one more day?

I’d want to jump rope to a rhyming song,
But my knees would creak as I skipped along.
And I couldn’t pop wheelies on my bike
Or eat all the junk food that I like.

I’d love to climb an apple tree
But I’d wrench my back out, probably!
And turning cartwheels in the grass,
Might land me down on my fat head!

Surely I’d be out of my gourd
If I flipped off a diving board-
A splash from my great canon ball,
Would fling my teeth right past the wall!

And playing tricks on Mischief Night
By giving neighbors quite a fright
Would leave me not only out of breath,
But scare me nearly half to death!

Sitting alone in my rocking chair
As children’s laughter filled the air
Would drive me nuts and make me crazy.
If all I’d be was wrinkled and lazy!

Yes, 101 is too old for me
‘Cause I’d want to feel young and live care free.
So I think that it would be just fine
If I only live to be 99!

By Sue Burd