Right Back In love

Written by: Lillie Williams

Right Back In Love 

Every time I think
That I am free
The Image of your face
Is all that I see
I have tried my best to
Stay out of your world
I am left with no fact
And right back in love
Every morning that I manage
To crawl out of bed
Visions of your face
Flash through my head
I know that being with you
Is a waste of my time
There’s nothing new with you
I’ve heard all your lines
You told me how you felt
On our last vacation trip
It’s obvious to say; you
Ended our relationship
I tried to forget you
And move on with my life
It wasn’t easy for me, I
Had to cry tears and fight
Now I see you again;
You want to kiss, and hug
Just one touch from you
And I’m right back in love
What happen between us
Could never be again
Silent tears I shed but
This relationship has end
May be I will always
Love you in my heart
It’s better this way
It’s better that we part
I will never see you again
I’ve move on with my life
The next man I get
I hope he treats me right