Written by: kasim ishmael

She sits crying alone 
Where no one sees  
Under the shades 
Of the coconuts trees

He promise to come back
Now they say he is M.I.A
He propose the day before
Then they ship him away

They meet in high school
And become sweet hearts
Then he was drafted
As soon as the wars starts

 Now the day gets longer
As the years moves on
She never love again
Couldn’t touch another one

My oh my, how time flies
As she tries to survive
She was twenty then 
And now she’s forty five

She never gives up hope
She prays every day
But no matter how much
Her pain never goes away

In a jungle prison cage
There’s a mistreated man
His spirits are broken
But he is a proud American

He thinks of only one girl
Wonder if she still has his ring
Maybe she forgotten him
But he wishes to see her again

He don’t know why today
The soldiers set him free
Left him to the side of the road
After 25 years in captivity

He was found and taken
 To the American embassy
Where he eats all he can
After years of being hungry

 She walks through lanes
Of the grocery store
She saw him in the drive way
And he smile came back once more

If you wish for it 
Sometimes it can come true
So to all my friends 
I wish the best for you