Meadow of Love

Written by: Steven Brown

I wake each morning to be greeted by your face
The opitomy of splendour, and the entire human race.
Your hair sparkles with delight, like a radiant Aphrodite
And each day in your presence, i praise the Lord God Almighty.

Your fragrance engulfs the room, reminiscent of an english meadow
And i watch you dress for work, and think what a lucky fellow.
From the moment i glanced across the bar, and saw you pivoting upon that stool
My duty was that of a knight, protecting the Tower of London Crown Jewels.

My eternity is to be spent dwelling in tranquility with you
The guardian of your soul, and everything you do.
You are my soul mate, lover, companion and friend
And together we shall journey through the meadow of majestical no end!