A Happy Outgoing Guy

Written by: Jack Ellison

Never was good at showing emotion
Before meeting my sweetie pie
She helped me outta this funk I was in
Now a happy outgoing guy!

Enjoying life to the absolute fullest
Excitement fills my every day
The richest man on the face of the earth
There's nothing more I can say

Really been blessed throughout my life
Why am I the fortunate one
Others suffer through sadness and pain
While mine's just laughter and fun

Maybe it's the genes bequeathed to us
The luck of the draw that decides
Will we be wearing a perpetual smile
Or will sadness fill up our eyes

Whatever the answer, I thank my stars
Couldn't have asked for anything more
Blessed is a word that is so often used
In my case, it's true to the core

© Jack Ellison 2012