Kenny Rogers

Written by: Jack Ellison

It happened again this afternoon
A lady requested my autograph
Mistaking me for Kenny Rogers
That sure gave me a great big laugh

If only I had Kenny's money
I'd be chuckling all the way to the bank
Right now I'm avoiding all my creditors
My bank account's coming up blank

Perhaps I'll become a male prostitute
An easy way to make a few bucks
Still look pretty good for a dude my age
Though I sometimes waddle like a duck

But perhaps that's not for this old guy
My morals are quite high you know
It's extremely rare when I'm at the beach
For any of my white bits to show

Guess I'll continue this sneaky charade
Sign Kenny on my restaurant checks
Why not, I might as well take advantage
Of our amazing similarities, by heck!

© Jack Ellison 2012