Don't And You Won't

Written by: Larisa Rzhepishevska

Do not go for a walk
And aloud do not talk

As the thieves are all around
And you’ll easily be found.

Do not sin, you’ll get the AIDS
And will walk on the edge of blades.

Don’t eat nuts or something solid
As your teeth will be soon spoiled.

Don’t run quickly, you can fall,
Won’t be able to walk at all.

Do not sit, take care of your ass,
It hemorrhoids can possess.

Do not lie as you’ll fray your hip,
Do not lie as you’ll get a pip.

Don’t give birth, you tear inside
And your ****** will be wide.

Do not kiss, you’ll get an infection,
It will pass to your affection.

Do not speed your lovely car,
Can get into a crash if you didn’t so far.

Do not love as love is hazy,
You’ll go blind or go crazy.

Do not swim ‘cause you can drown
And the bottom will be your town.

Do not breathe as you’ll be choked by smog,
Jog won’t help you and you won’t be agog.

Do not read as you’ll spoil your eyes
And won’t see the paradise.

Do not live, it’s really hard,
It’s not a walk on the boulevard.

Do not die, you’ll be forgotten
And a grave is so rotten.

Don’t be born, you won’t have problems,
And …you won’t hear my naughty poems.

©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)