The Music Of Time

Written by: Kadmiel Kweifio- Okai

She's the regulator of the activities of life,

 Her voice, so faint but very powerful.

 Punctuality claims she's very beautiful,

 Procrastination never wants her as a wife.

 She's commander-in-chief of season army

 And the head of weather family.


 She listens neither to pleas nor explanations,

 Battle men beckon her to move at slower pace.

 Convicts wish she increases her rhythmical pace,

 Busy men hope she moves in slow motion,

 Her song is a nuisance to the rich man,

 And her dance does frustrates the poor man.


 Her steps could bring joy to some,

 Yet, to others, it is a disaster.

 Some assume she's dancing a bit faster,

 Others wonder if she's taken too much rum.

 But she owns not even a dime,

 Mystery is her name, her first name is time!