I saw the sun rise in the morning,
And the leaves falling from the tree,
The morning dew wet my feet,
And the birds were singing a hymn.
My eyes were bright and sharp,
And my heart was beating in joy,
Joy to see a beautiful morning.
This filled the air with freshness.

I saw a neighbor walk in pain
He was bubbling shaking his head
Tears coming down his eyes
I saw his eyes drowning in sadness
His feet struggling to carry him 
Sadness was written on his face
And the joyous morning was dark
And his poor soul was sad

I walked toward him smiling,
And he tried to smile back,
But his smile was faint and broken.
I stretch my hand of comfort,
Tapping his shoulder with a smile.
He said life is cruel to him,
Nobody wanted to love him,
And the mornings are painful starts,
Which he wishes he could escape.

We see life in different lights,
And feel our lives are based on them,
But it’s only by reaching out,
To those who don’t see it like we do,
And give them a better hope.
That each morning is the beginning,
Of a day that we should be gland,
And rejoice in the fullest of our hearts.