Written by: rishabh shukla

Dip the light of happiness has come TODAY!
When darkness comes sun run it!
The charioteer Arun anger comes from the red!
Then the whole world bathed in happiness!
The logo sentinels Banti awake!
Dip burning in the minds of people of happiness!
When the whole world is asleep!
The world is going to wake up!
Afraid all his glory!
Unable to stand it any further!
His arrival is communication in happiness!
The darkness is passing!
When he left desolate the world!
Is blessed with the coming of the mass - mass!!
We would not hesitate to Shury Jewish Soc!
We are unable to live without light Shury!
Shury afraid of the darkness to come!
Teak does not he stepped in front of him!
They would be blessed - blessed man!
All they have to believe God!
Their redness appears on the Himalayas!
Their snow too scared to come!
Is in communication with the coming of his life!
There is value in the light of the world!