The Feast of Tabernacles - Conscience

Written by: Laura Breidenthal


A clear conscience is good;
A mind open and sensitive to God’s way
Produces peace and a sense of hope
However, a weak conscience,
One that is easily swayed and led away,
Lacks the knowledge that keeps one sturdy;
From a weak conscience,
A mind and heart can be easily corrupted;
Polluted by the evils of this world,
The malevolent intent works
Where sin and suffering run rampant,
Burning our minds with horrid perversity,
Giving way to that evil conscience 
The mind of an entity longing to turn minds
Open to evil, we make decisions coldly…
When sin no longer bothers us,
Our conscience is seared;
It becomes unfeeling—cut off and silenced
The dangerous mode erodes
And the lack of guilt is just as dangerous
As too much guilt
However, godly guilt or sorrow leads to
And with prayer, 
No matter our minds Estate, 
Our minds will slowly repair,
Surrounded by the Divine knowledge
Of a perfect conscience

*inspired by Ted Budge*