A Random Friday Thought

Written by: elizabeth landon-lane

The game is Destiny;
The rules: Desire...
We play, sometimes forever
Fire eyed, free wheeling searchers
In a world going Nova
Take random rushes into Kismet
Where Ecstacy watches with a mirror.

Have a care, love;
We are but statues
In your smokey rooms of chance design
Full to overflowing 
With Nickelodeon ghosts
Dancing cheek to cheek
In a faded Blue Movie... 

Each one no longer casting shadows,
Speaking softly in the warm darkness
Of all the unkept promises...
As children share their own dreams
In the sunshine of the living.

And all will finally have to choose
Where lives that middle timbre
Almost touched...
In the voices set down between the lines
Beyond the thinning veneer of chivalry -

For that, of everything ever held dear
Is mine to own
Mine to hear...

Unless I truly am a child
And got the words confused....