In the Presence Of Jesus

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

In The Presence Of Jesus I thought I saw Jesus up in the clouds today Looking down at me from a heaven’s stare When I turned my head to look the other way I quickly looked back and his presence was still there I thought I heard Jesus between the walls of the church I stood In between the silence of all the candles burning through prayer When I closed my eyes his voice was still heard Within my soul which calmed me from deep despair I thought I seen a glance of heaven’s colors in the sky A canvas painted like no other from an artist from above Today they are known as rainbows, a sign that hope is nearby Colors so magically created from his undying love I thought I saw Jesus in my tears that came down like rain Translucent images of his eyes watering with mine My tear's reflections had shown him feeling my pain Soon he managed to send me his rays of heaven’s sunshine I thought I held Jesus the first time I cradled my child in my arms I was overjoyed by a love that only angels could send From that day forward I know that I’m protected from any harm For loving Jesus will only make our worries come to an end
Carol Eastman's Contest By: Gail Doyle