Concrete Pathway

Written by: Russell Sivey

Walking down the concrete pathway I sure find my mind wandering The view takes my breath away As rain wets the ground meandering There is a woman right there before me Stark in contrast wearing a bright red Walking a separate path seemingly Not paying attention to what is being said I venture onwards on another path A crossroad I do see in front of me The woman went one way in her wrath I go the other, a great hope that I see Rain pours over the smooth even ground Discoloring the way, I see a slick surface The rain pitter-pats making a soothing sound Showing a way that I might go and face The lady in red walks with a purpose She moves away, down the other road Unhappy and frail with everything to lose And no feeling left for her abode Though she frowns in disappointment The ground she walks on is sunny She makes it to the destination appointment Not a thing about her seems remotely funny I smile a little knowing I’m on track There will be sunshine somewhere along the way Though it rains and seems out of whack I am happy that things are really okay My route is true and it is perfection Though I might be far from it on my own The Lord is the greatest path’s reflection And I will be in great hands as it’s shown
Russell Sivey Entrant into Gail Angel Doyle's "Standing At A Crossroads" contest 11/5/2012