Tesu A Folk Love Story of India Part 2

Written by: Ravindra K Kapoor

Prelude Note: The Poem Tesu is based on a folk story of India. The Tesuwalas* as depicted in the Poem are gradually diminishing with the passing of time and changing life styles. It's a tribute to that great warrior and lover, who sacrificed his life because he had promised. How and when you would come to know shortly..... Hope you would find this wonderful Indian traditional story a thing to remember. With best wishes before the festival of Dewali (Light) ...Ravindra Tesu A Folk Love Story of India Part 2 From the decorated earthen pot of Tesu, Comes in sprouted form, The songs of most passionate love. What a wonderful story it was, From which we came to know, The unique valor and sacrifices of Tesu, The one which gave birth To the two lovely stars, Which still shine, Somewhere very far off. 04 How many young lovers, Still search, Those wonderful Love Songs, And the stories of Tesu, Which have disappeared, In the dust of time, They have almost vanished, Leaving only few words, On the lips of some old villagers. Innumerable ages, Have past, But still Tesu come alive, At least once in a year, And appear before us all, In the colorful earthen pot, Before, the festival of light, When they come to remind us, The forgotten love story of Tesu. Ravindra Kanpur India 05th Nov. 2012................To Continue /center> Protected under the copy write provisions of Poetry Soup as per US laws. Copying this story without the permission of the writer is strictly prohibited and would be subject to legal remedies taken by the writer.