Written by: Zach Nathan

My dreams, forgotten.
Cast away like a broken toy. 

See my face,
as I collapse to my knees,
dropping from dispair and disbelief.

The letter I am holding,
scribbled in scarlet ink,
trembles ever so slightly.

Look into my eyes,
as they overflow.
Look into the flood waters,
grey green, murky from little sleep.

The pain, the agony. 
Unreality becomes the truth,
as I read this letter,
a resignation, the proof.

The name, signed in a rush,
smudged to the right.

As it rains, the smudge grows,
polluting the stationery.  
Flowing with the lines of the letter
it forms a symbol.
One that fires my heart,
searing through my chest.

A heart. A heart, red and ripe.
A symbol of love past and forgotten.

My love. Ruined. Obliterated. 
Shattered like a bottle of wine.
Spilling over, flowing freely.

The same with my eyes. 
The floodwaters are coming.