words in the wind

Written by: ramsha aarif

I send my words ,right through the wind
Hoping and Trusting
they shall fall right into your brain.
one day, like a rain, you came to me. 

One day, like a wind, i went away,
and there were times i came to you
for  you to speak of something,deep in your heart,
ahd how you made my heart a feather in wind.

How suddenly we parted,leaving each other unwared,untold
how we search of each other,everywhere
in this wild thicket of light
yet i know not where your sun shines

How i miss to see you again
upon a rock ,i lay my heart
to wait for that magical day
when my eyes will fall on you again

That will be the Day!
and never again will i send
my words in the wind for thee
and,like a farmer scans the skies with anxious eyes
i too wait for thee...........