Season Transformed

Written by: Steven Brown

Hetching towards the season of goodwill
Horse chestnut's roasting on an open grill
Where nights draw in before the children reach home
And the vision of crystalized frost on a backyard lawn

Hats and scarfs are the order of the day
And the sub zero temperatures causes dismay
But the tranquil retreat of a log burning stove
Warms the cockels of a man that craves his aboard

Slumped in the armchair with hot beverage in hand
I gaze through the window feeling ever so grand
But my thoughts move swiftly towards the homeless on the streets
Who during this time will be desperate for sheets

So as the landscape transforms on its journey to winter
I can see a little robin red breast perched by my window
The wildlife works frantically as the leaves hit the ground
And the north swirlling wind makes a sound thats profound

Be thankful for this time for its pleasing on the eye
Where green turns to brown and the grey coated sky
And the Salvation Army break out in angelic chorus
As i ponder over christmas gifts and buying that theasurus!