Written by: Beatrice Boyle

Planet Earth

If the world ends tomorrow will I be sad
Or curse the God's and really be mad!
Who can I blame when my world's undone
Who is at fault..... there must be someone!
T''is said in December, the world will end
Unless we heed this my friends

Our beautiful shoreline is no more
No strolls on the Boardwalk anymore
We gaze at the wreckage, eyes filled with tears
Remembering the happy times of our childhood years
There are pleasure boats tossed in the yards
Amid miles of belongings people had to discard

Could it happen again…of that I am sure
Will we have water to drink clean and pure?
Will our beautiful trees softly sway in the breeze
Or fall to the ground during a winter's freeze?
Global Warming is not a joke
These storms are happening to warn us folks

God gave us this world to protect and defend
But we've abused it so…it might be the end
Who is to blame…what can we do
Before this planet disappears from view?
Repent…recycle…Change our ways
Or this will surely be the end of days!

Copyright©2012 Beatrice Boyle
(All rights reserved)