The Uncertainty of Life

Written by: Terrell Martin

The uncertainty of life is rife
With sadness, triumphs and woe;
Scorching heat and cooling rains
From shifting winds that blow. 
From north, south, west and east
Bringing beauty or despair
Before the dawn where dreams are spawned
Suspended in thin air.
In a misty fog, a drifting daze
Not night, nor day or morn;
Where moments near fill us with fear
And bravery is born.
By feeble chance of sweet romance
While dancing on death’s door;
The sound of singing, children bringing
Meaning by the score. 
To think about and laugh and shout 
Sleep-walking on high wires;
Feeble and precarious as
A raindrop on a flower.
Waiting for the miracle
Of the sun to send it home;
Back to the gate from whence it came
And to itself is known.
More familiar than a moonlit pond
Reflecting self to same;
Back home inside its mother’s eye
Devoid of earthly blame. 
From all the wrong turns and souls that yearn
For higher realms above;
The uncertainty of life is rife 
With mystery and love.