My soul and I

Written by: João Camilo

My soul and I walk together by the Green lawn
Beyond the hill slope where the daffodils bloom,
And We sit amid the cypress roots every dawn
Until the sky reveals the first shades of the moon,
Reading a book with marble cover, My soul and I.
My soul and I repeat the words a hundred times
The wind scatters dead leaves and the lines
To faraway lands and maybe different climes
Where lovers sleep while the sun pines,
Entangling the fingers of our hands, my soul and I.
My soul and I draw with the tip of our fingers
Figurines on our skin which only we can recall
relishing the music from a memory that lingers,
there is no reason to delay until the nightfall
closing her lips with my lips, my soul and I.
My soul and I read a book under a tree alone.