The Redneck and His Truck

Written by: DrJim Martin

He quickly jumped into the driver’s seat.
Off he sped, there’d be no retreat.
With no place in particular to go,
He simply had a new truck to show.
Many months he had waited for this day
Now this work day he’d put away.
To stay inside and from his passion hide
Was a thing in which he would not abide.

An old junker he had traded in,
A new adventure he was about to begin.
Since all his buddies each had one,
Now it was his turn to join the fun.

Though not brand new was this truck
It sure beat that old pile of junk.
Even though it would often overheat,
It still to him was hard to beat.

The tires were worn and pretty slick,
When he’d drive by they’d call him “hick.”
The oil leaked through, the muffler was gone,
He sometimes wondered if he’d make it back home.

As he drove through town he’d swell with 	pride,
Many of his buddies would want to ride.
Yes, life now to him was very good ,
Even though much time he’d spend under the hood.