Standing at a Crossroads

Written by: Isaiah Zerbst

I'm standing at a crossroads
Deciding where to go
I have to pick the right one
But how am I to know?

I peer down all the pathways
There isn't much in sight
The straight one and the left one
They look just like the right

One thing is doubly certain
I cannot turn around
To travel where I came from
That surely isn't sound

I wonder which are winding
And which are awful steep
I wonder which are rocky
Or fraught with chasms deep

I wonder which are sunny
Or which are filled with shade
I wonder which are easy
And which are poorly laid

Decisions oft are tricky 
At times they cannot change
Some roads go through the city
While others hug the range

At last I chose the forward
The narrow one and straight
Within my heart I realized
That this one holds my fate

I knew that in the distance
Along this narrow way
There'd be a golden city
With room for me to stay