The Eagle Gives Chase

Written by: Reason A. Poteet

A common vulture shows it's greedy face
and that's what our culture must soon erase.
My countrymen, I spy, with quickened pace,
the eagle gives chase, the eagle gives chase.

I don't agree with the socialist thrust -
the government's not the God that I trust.
Morals and values hide under thick dust.
Hold leaders accountable - a must.

Our Constitution is all but ignored,
and we have all heard the high court's word.
We need a change and that word's underscored -
Wake up a sleeping Congress, get on board. 

Pay attention like soldiers now deployed
to guard our great nation from being destroyed.
Join her defense, keep our nation employed.
The eagle's not void, the eagle's not void.

slamming the liberal judges,  expansive social welfare programs,  and 
the long term goal of government guaranteed universal medical care rights (that's the vulture)