My New Normal Way

Written by: Joe Flach

Our house sits high upon the harbor hill
On the veranda off the bedroom, I sit up higher still
I look down on the harbor still sleepy from the night
As the first rays of sunshine start bringing her to life

I see lights appear in windows from the houses down below
And headlights from the cars that now have someplace to go
Life moves on in our plush, little, cozy harbor town
In just a few more hours, to her I’ll be coming down

The salt that I taste is not from the distant sea
It’s from individual drops of tears, still flowing out of me
For somewhere in that town, in the direction I refuse to glance
A headstone awaits my darling and our goodbye final chance

School buses appear now winding in the distant streets
Coffee houses open where longtime friends will meet
The earth continues to rotate, bringing on a brand new day
Sitting out here alone and crying will be my new normal way