Who I am - Thanks to ALL of you

Written by: nancy mitchell

Who am I - Thanks to ALL of you.

Looking back on my life
All the choices that I have made
Some in the right direction
Some I had to pay
Many loved ones still standing by my side
Others lost along the way

The lessons that I have learned
Shaped me into who I am today
Sure it could have went differently than it’s today.

People & pets
Events around the world
All play a special roll in what we believe, think & say.
Sometimes even do.

But I am, who I am & it’s all because of you.

Memories are like treasures 
Some we bury far far away
To hide the tears and the pain of a time we once knew
Some will bring a smile of great joy or a laugh or two at things we use to do
Others we proudly display everyday
Like my favorite photograph of you

Time is always moving forward
That’s why we always reflect upon the past
The future is uncertain not sure how long the moment will last,
You only have one life to live
I’m glad I’ve shared it with all of you.