Thank you Almighty

Written by: NANCY CHAWLA

Throughout our life 
From beginning to end,
From infant to death, 
We can’t think of a 
Moment where his omnipresence fades,

We can’t do a bit,
Without his support, dedication and wit,
We cannot fight any battle,
If he doesn’t confer us mettle,

“HE” is ubiquitous
Everything created by him is purely precious,

He is the one and only “Supreme Deity”
One can marvel at his great spontaneity,

He is in the gleaming sunshine,
He is in the lofty mountain pine,

He is in the ocean,
He is in the sky,
He is responsible for birds to fly,

He is in the pulse.
He is in the beat,
He is in the wind,
He is in the heat,

He is in creation,
He is in imagination,

He is the weakness,
He is the power,

He is the vigour,
He is the trigger,

He is in you,
He is in me,
He always fulfils to our plea,

He is embellishment,
He is enchantment,

He is fantastic
He is majestic,

There is no end to his inventions,
As ceaseless are his dimensions,

It’s tough to endure without its mention,
Solving issues is easy with his convention,

I desperately and whole heartedly thank him for all he has granted,
As we are the roots he has planted,