Written by: Tiffany Rowe

Daddy out of
all the memories I have of you

One stands out
so strong and true

The day you
won this Doll for me

And you said
"Look what I won for my baby"

Her long,
red curls

That with every little 
spring each one began to twirl

Brown hat, scarf,
dress, and shoes

This memory I
know I won't ever lose

Her beautiful
green eyes, 
and blank stare

No other Doll
could ever compare

You gave her to me
with a HUGE smile that lit up so bright

Then you told me
to always treat her right

Take care
of her is what you said

Oh please
don't drop her on her head

Give her all
the love that you can show

Don't ever
let her go

But one thing I want you 
to remember most of all

Is the day
I gave you this Doll