Distorted Glass

Written by: Leanne Perks

Behind distorted glass I see the sadness of your sinking heart,
I could sense that your troubled mind was aching and searching to find
someone who was gentle, loving,caring and truly kind,
as alittle kindness  goes along way to help to light up  the darkness of someone's sad and gloomy day.

It can lift you out of the deep pit of depression when you hear and read such tender
and warm expressions from the heart of a dear and true friend, it touches you to know that someone truly cares. Someone with whom
you can confide and  a safe haven for you to hide, Someone you can always depend the one person in the world you can call A True Friend, the one who is always there for you,
I will be the one to get you through, giving encouragement and
to show I believe in you will be cheering you on in this race
we call Life to help put a smile on your face 
but always take each step at your own pace as there is no
need for extreme speed in this world to succeed
A True Friend is All you Really Need.