Low and High


Don’t change me to one who I am not
Don’t kill that of me on which I live on
There’s only a little bit of me I want to get rid of
The rest must stay, as it was!

I love this high
After this low
Wish this low wouldn't come
If I stay on the high
All the time
I would be who I dream of.

And the restlessness 
Drives me a bit crazy. 
Can’t sink to calmness!
I want to do everything. 
Don’t you see my vision
The ideas that drive me insane!
I want to start it, get it have it
But before I start
Low grips me.

And I seek a way to escape
Magic pills is what they say
But you know it will kill my high
Won’t let me fly, dream or cry
Oh Low! Why not just say goodbye?