Written by: nancy mitchell

It’s just your point of view……….Every interaction affects YOU and what you take away from the experience is your point of view. 
Your reaction reflects what you have learned right or wrong for you.
 There is always another side in the situation – It usually takes two.
 What I recall is how it affected me. Just who determines the truth? What I conceived from the notions is what I believe to be the truth no matter what you think would be right for you.

He said she said but did the actual person tell you. Do you really know them or just know of them. People always talk its only human nature. The only thing that really matters is what you believe to be true. How curious are you enough to be direct – go straight to the source. Communication is the key to a peaceful soul after all if you don’t speak how will the other know. 

You won’t believe what I just saw……Where you late?……..did you ever think maybe you missed something that happen a few minutes ago. Maybe you an early bird who possible interrupted the reaction from yet another misunderstood soul who fell into your circumstances as you put on a show. 

Words flash through your mind stirring you emotions - Jumbled words blurting out - the message lost in the translation  - thoughts ricochet  like bullets wounding you heart By now you much worse off than at the start.

Portraying the world, constant despair and gloom. Voicing their opinion. Selling billions of copies or ratings soar Someone always in the wrong

Everyone has good and everyone has evil. 

It really doesn’t matter what anyone else says. The truth is within you – you, yourself  know who you are.