as the world spins

Written by: nancy mitchell

As the world spins uncontrollably 
The calendar – years climbing
Where did the month go?
If only I had more hours in a day…
Wait a minute!
But with a blink of an eye – one second – BYE
Gone just like that! Time has left you behind.
The moment is now. BE ALIVE!!
Don’t just say “I love you”.  Show it every second, minute, hour of the day.
Flash a smile. Be someone’s light. Reach out to help even if it can only be a kind word.
Enjoy each other for who they are not what you think they should be.
Respectfully, unselfishly giving.
Celebrate the day! Breathe. Jump out of bed! Shower your loved ones by your side.
Perfection doesn’t exist in a world of individuality. Nothing is the same only similar. Not us, not insects, flowers, animals or the trees. However, we are constantly changing, adapting to blend into the environment that surrounds us. 
Let the brisk morning air arouse your senses. Observe. Twinkle stars, the shape of the moon?
On a windy day, let your get blown away. Slinking over your scalp the tingling sensation begins. Just breathe it in. 
Drip, drip, drab. No Way! Stomp in the puddles. Taste the rain. Dance and sing as God showers you with rain.
Artic cold. Snuggle up. Bundle up, go play in the snow.
Uncontrollably spinning the world constantly changes affecting us all.