Written by: nancy mitchell


Anything is one of those words that people always say when they want to be nice but not sure how…………..
Call me if you need anything
Let me know if you need anything
I would do anything for you.

But when it actually comes to doing anything – and I don’t mean murder.
It’s a whole different story
Hoe come they don’t say things like “ call me if you need anything and if I’m free I’ll give you a hand.”
Let me know if you need anything and if I’m not using it or if I have extra cash or the time; you got it, it’s yours.”
“I would do anything for you… if you really need me to (that is) or I would do anything for you, but right now?”

Anything can something so small to someone else but that anything could make the world of difference in the lives of another; especially to someone that is taking you up on it.

So the next time you say you would do anything for someone else and your not quite sure what that anything could be maybe you should say “I would do anything for you within reason”

And remember, if someone you told that to “you would do anything”
And they ask you to do that little anything. It has to mean something to them if they are reaching out and asking for that unconditional anything. 
Just because it means nothing to you doesn’t mean that it won’t make a difference in their world.