Written by: Nicholas Calderon

Like a puzzle, I am
scattered, lost in the world
and mixed around to where
I'm difficult to complete.
Easy to defeat, 
simple to beat,
all the deceit
and drowning in quicksand from
head to my feet.
Hearts racing,
my movements are now
slowly pacing,
I'm weak,
and weary.
The blood that bleeds,
the pain makes my eyes teary,
the enemy succeeds,
and the hurt continues to breed.
I crawl on my broken hands,
there is none that understands,
the wicked one and his demands.
The reign over my life is 
pushing me away from hope,
I pray, I pray and I pray.
A change I hope to see
one day, a morning I hope to
see soon and wake up to in every morning.
I'm burning with eagerness, I'm sparking up
a desire, and its my pieces that fall into the
fire. I'm dying, I am losing, but will not
give up without trying. I won't lose, a choice I choose,
a fool, but a man is how I will stand and
put an end to when the end is at hand.