Write or wrong


You came over
I gave in again
You called me honey
And I forgot my plan

Your kisses so sweet
Like we're best friends
No lust on your mind
I couldn't see the signs

When it feels so right
Its usually very wrong
Love and friendship
That's why they write the songs

But when you hold me
So tight in your arms
Oh my dear friend
Make this write, wrong

How will this thing end
This forbidden love I feel
I do not see it ending well
Niether for you, neither for me

Never fall in love
With someone who's just a friend
The sex confused it all
Now my heart will have to mend

I can never tell you
Those three little words
You'd run so fast
I'd be left absurd

Count your friends on one hand
Count your lovers on two
But when you find there one in the same
Then thank God, but pay the devil his due...