In Jesus I Take Delight

Written by: Jim Pemberton

In Jesus Christ…  I take delight!
He’s with me every day and night!

IN Jesus Christ…  His love overflows!
His love touches me, wherever I go!

In Jesus Christ…  The victory is won!
All praise a honor to God’s precious son!

In Jesus Christ…  I needn’t be ashamed!
He took all of my sin, 
guilt and blame!

In Jesus Christ…  I have an atonement!
He’s willing to forgive, 
at any moment!

In Jesus Christ…  I’m never alone!
I ask for his presence to fill my home!

In Jesus Christ…  You’ll find what you need.
Won’t you allow his Holy
 Spirit to lead?

In Jesus Christ…  Is  where life truly begins!
He’ll give you eternal life
 and peace within!

By Jim Pemberton