Written by: Erich Goller


Whatever is beautiful in a work of art
Whatever you do, everything must have a start
Whatever you feel when your in love
Whatever you believe, there is only one above
Whatever comes at end of the day
Whatever your dreams are, don’t let them fly away
Whatever makes your heart mostly glad
Whatever loving childhood years you had
Whatever the daily tasks that come around
Whatever it takes try to stay strong
Whatever you find with out a doubt
Whatever makes you angry, just let it all out
Whatever the fragrance of flowers
Whatever, there always be rain showers
Whatever brings you good wishes and more
Whatever, some things you can’t buy in a store
Whatever your need, He won’t let you walk alone
Whatever you believe, your faith will make it known
Whatever the reason and purpose of prayer
Whatever, He shall always hold us safe in His care

Erich J. Goller
Copyright 4 30.2012