The end of days

Written by: Shelley Foreman

The world lies silently sleeping
The day of judgement has come
This day is one of awe and wonder
But feared by many and none

I looked out across the seafront
The waters calm and still
Across the meadow was quiet
Nothing stirred on the hill

Everything was holding its breath
Nothing dare speak or move
Everything waiting, waiting
To see what it’s made to prove

Had we as a world, as one and all
Done enough to make it through?
Only the one who judges and knows
Could tell us what really was true

Fire would consume us all
Or feathers protect us from fate
Depending on the judgement
All we could do was wait

Then very softly from the sky
The feathers, through air and trees
The one who judges sent the sign
And everything moved with ease

The end of days as we knew them
Time to start over and new
The judge had passed his sentence
Repayment was now due