Rhythm Nation

Written by: Kamal Al-Adil

Rhythm is smooth as the sand rolling on the beach as the wind carries the motion of each

Rhythm is made from an instrument & can play or make magnificent motions by a single touch

From piano strings, to guitar & bass chords while trumpets blowing with birds chirping, drums can get on beat too

When rhythm takes control it also takes concentration

Some will allow rhythm to create their fixation of intellectual crescendos or innuendos

While others have no choice because rhythm will never bring fallacy

That defeats the purpose, rhythm is the birthplace

Of creating stimulated energy full of psychosomatic positivity

Unless negativity gets hold of it 

Using a separated form of activity

Rhythm will still transpire a well verse desire 

No matter the emotional creativity

Every life form develops rhythmic cadence

Humans uses motion while, wind provides the turbulence

Rhythm is a nation using elements to compose the telepathy of eclectic movement

Redesigned by sound